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0233-003 Wet-Sol Concentrate®

(2 x 2.5 gallons/case)

Wet-Sol® Concentrate is our proprietary biodegradable, non-ionic surfactant (NIS) that’s formulated to deliver the benefits of a spreader-sticker and soil penetrant. Wet-Sol®’s unique formula allows chemicals to spread more evenly to saturate and stick to plant leaves instead of beading up and running off.

Wet-Sol® increases mass flow within the soil, and helps water do a better job of delivering life-giving nutrients to the plant.

Wet-Sol® is ideal for irrigated and non-irrigated crops as well as all types of turfs and landscapes. On dirt race tracks, Wet-Sol helps settle dust and aids with even water application. Its unique formula allows it to get water quicker into the soil while reducing water evaporation and water drift.


Additional Information

  • Smooth, uniform coverage—better saturation in pre-emerge and post-emerge applications.
  • Petroleum-based NIS that’s more active than alcohol-based products—less evaporation.
  • Promotes absorption of chemicals, leading to quicker rainfast periods.
  • Better contamination control with superior soot-busting, deposit-dispersing capability.
  • Tank-mix compatible with herbicides—including the newer dicamba herbicides.
  • Helps with mixing wettable powders.

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