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(12 quarts/case)

Extreme Performance V-Twin Primary Lube is designed for use in the primary chain case of all Harley-Davidson Big Twin Models and in the wet and primary/transmission common sumps found in Harley Davidson Sportster models with wet clutches sharing the same sump as the transmission gears.

Extreme Performance V-Twin Primary Lube can be used in chain chases equipped with original, modified or aftermarket high performance clutch assemblies.

(Not recommended for combined engine/transmission sumps.)


Additional Information

  • Efficient clutch performance and optimum torque transfer.
  • Prevents clutch chatter.
  • Strong wear protection.
  • Maximum transmission and primary drive chain reliability.
  • Quickly penetrates into the chain rollers to loosen stiff links.
  • Enhanced protection against rust and corrosion—even in the presence of moisture.

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