Image of 02483-040 Moly Syngard™ 2000 Grease NLGI #3


02483-040 Moly Syngard 2000 Grease NLGI #3

(40 pound pail)

Moly Syngard 2000 Grease NLGI #3 is a bentone-based, tacky grease that’s ideal for hot, wet or heavily loaded applications—especially when operating temperatures are above 350 °F. Schaeffer’s versatile grease resists breaking down during periods of excessive pressure, increased heat and high shock loads. Moly Syngard 2000 quickly plates to metal surfaces, forming a lasting solid film that reduces friction and wear during excessive pressure.


Additional Information

  • Stays strong under pressure: withstands pressures up to 500,000 psi.
  • Forms a seal against harmful contaminants and moisture.
  • Extra tacky, water resistant.
  • Long lasting film that retains its consistency.
  • Won't pound out, splatter, squeeze out, wash off or spray off.
  • High temperature protection.

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