Image of 0131-021 Neutra™ Fuel Stabilizer


0131-021 Neutra Fuel Stabilizer

(24 x 12oz cans/case)

Neutra is a highly concentrated, multi-functional, ashless fuel stabilizer specially formulated for use in all grades of gasoline (including ethanol-blended gasoline), as well as all types of diesel fuel and biodiesel fuels.

Blended with an enhanced detergency package, Neutraprovides impressive cleanliness to fuel lines, tanks, pumps, injectors and carburetors. Neutra disperses existing deposits throughout the fuel system, safely removing them to the combustion chamber where they can be burned cleanly and completely.

Additionally, Neutra can be used as a flushing fluid to purge and remove varnish and carbon deposits present in equipment.


Additional Information

  • Optimizes performance and fuel economy up to 5%.
  • Lowers the freeze point of any water that may be present in the fuel.
  • Stabilizes fuel during storage.
  • Reduces emissions, exhaust smoke and particulates.
  • Keeps injectors free from varnish, deposits and gum.

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