Image of 0202-011 Moly 5th Wheel Lube


0202-011 Moly 5th Wheel Lube

(12 cans/case)

Moly 5th Wheel Lube is a semi-synthetic, diluent-type, heavy-duty, extreme pressure spray lubricant recommended for the lubrication of fifth wheels. Moly 5th Wheel Lube applies quickly and cleanly, creating a shear but formidable shield on the fifth wheel to protect against friction and wear. Fortified with molybdenum disulfide, Moly 5th Wheel provides long-lasting protection, allowing parts to move freely for smoother operation.


Additional Information

  • Spray on grease reduces nasty grease buildup on fifth wheels.
  • Quick and easy application.
  • Helps keeps grease off frame and slider.
  • Long-lasting, stay-in-place performance for fewer applications.
  • Resistant to rain, snow and the process of water washout.
  • Resists adhering of dirt or dust.

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