Image of 0199-011 Silver Streak Wire Rope


0199-011 Silver Streak Wire Rope

(12 cans/case)

Silver Streak® Wire Rope is a robust, heavy-duty lubricant that extends the service life of wire ropes. Silver Streak® Wire Rope is made with a high viscosity index paraffin base oils, synthetic base oil and penetrating oils. This unique blend allows Silver Streak® Wire Rope to retain consistency in extreme temperature changes. Silver Streak® Wire Rope rapidly penetrates the inner wire rope core to reduce friction and wear between the rope strands and the sheaves and drums. Silver Streak® Wire Rope can be used on all types of wire ropes common to mining, construction, and the marine industry.


Additional Information

  • Rapidly forms a non-tacky, lasting film that resists adhering to dirt and abrasives.
  • Prevents throw-off and sling off due to vibration or sudden change of direction.
  • Rust and corrosion protection within the core, adjacent wires and exterior surfaces.
  • Reduces fretting corrosion of the wire rope.
  • Resists chipping and peeling in cold weather and drying out with heat and age.

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