Image of 0200-011 Silver Streak Multi-Lube Spray


0200-011 Silver Streak Multi-Lube Spray

(12 cans/case)

Silver Streak® Multi-Lube Spray tenaciously clings to gear teeth, and resists moisture, dirt and dust. This heavy-duty, semi-synthetic lubricant remains soft and pliable over a wide range of temperatures. Recommended for use on open gears, pins and bushings, dipper sticks, circle rails, wire ropes and large open chains common to the mining, steel mill, railroad, construction, power plant and marine industries.


Additional Information

  • Reduces pitting of the mating surfaces.
  • Resists films destruction by containing oils or greases migrating from nearby mechanisms.
  • Minimizes the vibration of stick slip.
  • Will not harden, chip or flake off or form a hard pack buildup—especially in cold weather.
  • Reduces contact temperatures.

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